Ella's Birth

It all started when we found out Ella was coming into the world. As a sensitive mom, I realized how important the baby's clothing choices are for her physical development and health as I prepared the shopping list with all my excitement. With the indescribable feeling of holding Ella in my arms, I began to search the Internet for something that would keep her little feet warm. The risk of getting cold with traditional knitted booties worried me a bit. So I decided to make my own booties. I sacrificed an organic cotton combed t-shirt that I had bought for Ella, and our first sweatpants were born.

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    Our approach

    As a hardworking, researching mother who wants the best for her baby, I always wanted Ella to use the best in clothing made with organic and natural materials. I saw the satisfaction of Ella Bonna mothers as my own satisfaction, the happiness in their eyes as my own happiness.

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    Growing Business

    After Ella's growth and first step trials, we designed our snap and non-slip slippers based on my experiences and the experiences of mothers like me. Our e-commerce journey, which began with a friend of my wife's and focused primarily on the American market, has brought together more than 1 million moms who still love Ella Bonna products in more than 20 countries.

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    Ella Bonna Moms Are Always Right

    I have set → made the rule that ELLA BONNA MOMS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT and their SATISFACTION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING else → ELSE as the FIRST AND UNCHANGEABLE article of our company constitution.

"Thank you to millions of mothers who shared the excitement of the first steps with Ella Bonna..."